Making energy tangible

The Austrian battery manufacturer, Kreisel Electric, came to us with a great battery technology that will allow all people to store self produced energy, like solar or wind power. All the great features needed a face to evoke desire with customer and outshine competitors.

Our work focused on domesticating the technology, making it approachable, while communicating the innovation and power stored within.

The ambient interface allowed the product to communicate essential information without

using a display that is quickly outdated in the rapid advancement of technology. Instead, an app interface is developed for more detailed information utilising the screen which we all carry around, the mobile phone.

The customised project team consisted of product and surface designers as well as our programming and electronic hardware expertise. The film and all images was produced by our CGI team allowing communication of the product before production.

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Berge delivered excellent work on a very short time frame. Their team could quickly bring concepts and designs to the table as well as live mock-ups of the ambient interface

- Christian Schlögl
CEO, Kreisel Electric