Kronaby - Connected watches

Photorealism for Kronaby

Kronaby, the new and upcoming brand by Anima, set out to create authentic classic watches with additional integrated functions, calling them "connected watches". Building upon traditional watchmaking they put as much effort and care into choosing the best materials for the products as they did designing the connected app.

Photorealism and the highest quality of imaging is the premise our creative CGI-team was given. The work included everything from surface modelling to creating every stitch to the leathers and the metals - keeping a consistent quality throughout dozens of images with various of different 

materials and designs. With a tight deadline, we helped Kronaby to achieve their vision of high quality on their traditionally designed connected watches and with a close communication we made sure Kronaby’s vision was translated onto the canvas.

In the development of the watches, Berge was a part of the design thinking by execution of design modelling and as a link between designers, engineering and marketing at Anima. With continuous refinements and close communication, Berge contributed to design tools, workflows and building forms to the products; from design sketch to 3d models used for Sell-in, Production and

Marketing Material. That as a part of the whole work, Anima ultimately enabled great designed and authentic products to meet today’s technology of high quality - just like the Kronaby.

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