Rethinking the online banking experience for
small businesses

As one of northern Europe’s largest financial institutions SEB has a large number of customers - from international corporations to private individuals. For many customers the Internet bank is the main channel for interacting with the bank, a fact also true for small businesses.

With the banking services of today, it's turning into the customers market and switching bank has never been easier. Therefore it’s key for the bank to provide the users with a great experience, which both feel modern and easy to use, and at the same time makes them feel like a valued customer.

We at Berge know that when you start talking to users, at lot of different opinions and ideas surface.  Through the use of Service Design tools such as customer journey mapping and interviews we helped SEB to by creating a new customer journey which clearly and efficiently pin-points where improvements will lift the customer experience when using the Internet bank.

From our insights we helped to create new concepts for future development and a strategy for implementation. We also created mock-ups to help top-management understand the issues at hand and to be able to make informed decisions for the future. Internet banking with SEB is great today, and it's about to get even better.

Berge delivered insights and customer journeys of highest quality, with focus and dedication.

We always felt confident to reach a qualitative result and have a great use of the insights in our daily work.

- Tove Rastad
Business Area Manager, SEB