User Friendly Mobility System for Cities

City Mobility - User Friendly Mobility System for Cities is a Vinnova funded project Berge was a business partner together with Hertz, Keolis and Gröna bilister. It's was led by ITRL at KTH.

Vinnova is Sweden’s Innovation Agency and finances research and innovation projects and provides support in the form of networks, meetings and analyses.

The purpose of the project is to create a foundation for a development process aimed at making public transportation as attractive as driving your car in the city. There are two main innovations that have considerable potential in this circumstance; new mobility services and the development of new autonomous vehicle technology. 



New mobility services can enable the user to find the smartest customized route from door to door. The route can be a combination of traditional public transport and other transport services including rental bike, car / car sharing, taxis and taxi-like service, shared car and car-sharing. All these services are assumed to be linked in a common information, booking and payment systems.

The second innovation is autonomous vehicles. With no driver cost it should become economically viable to supplement traditional public transport with small and flexible vehicles that are available at the times and places when and where demand is low. The design of such vehicles should be flexible, comfortable and attractive as well as linked up in a smart seamless transportation system. That is a prerequisite to conquer the norm of driving a private unshared car in the city.

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