An interactive experience to explain Volvo's
2020 vision

"No one will be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo by 2020", a bold statement some might think but Volvo Cars has a history of pushing the safety standards.

Since first introducing the seatbelt in 1957, safety has been a core value at Volvo and with the 2020 vision the company's showing that they want to stay ahead and commit to always raising the bar.

For the 2015 Geneva motor show Berge helped creating an engaging story told with the help of modern technology.

Through an impressing augmented reality experience using iPads the user could follow three scenarios taking place right in front of her. Complete with a narrating voice (in three different languages) the user were  guided through the scenarios, and could experience what Volvo Cars' vision is all about.

In cooperation with Interaktionsbyrån (interface design) and SCPGREY (project coordination).



  Awarded with the RedDot Design Award 2015.

Awarded with the RedDot Design Award 2015.